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ImproMedia is a multimedia production and software development company providing high quality solutions in the following domains:
customized online applications, streaming solutions, development of multimedia applications, video production and 3D graphics, industry 4.0 and IIOT solutions.

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Software Development

We develop customized software applications dedicated to production activities and services: CRM, ERP, SFA, BI, HR, mobile applications.

Our software applications provide real support in the running and forecasting of activities. e-Business solutions are integrated with web portals, they communicate with MySQL and oracle databases, are tailored to the company’s profile and obey the internal procedures, ISO or the current technological workflows.

Virtual Reality

We develop applications based on current technologies, specific to 3D graphics, virtual and augmented reality, with use in various fields.

We are partners with 8agora for VR content development in conference solutions, exhibitions, events, collaborative work in VR for employees in companies and their customers, digital tween for industrial enterprises, and other implementations.


ImproMedia has also a production studio for multimedia, audio-video production and 3D graphics.

Through the years the company has produced corporate videos, product presentation videos, industrial training videos, documentary features, advertising videos, feature stories, various publicity campaigns, 3D mockups and modeling for numerous corporate projects.

Streaming Solutions is the first hands-on professional live streaming service! Webinar platform offers you an unlimited audience!

ImproMedia offers you the easiest way to broadcast live, in real time, around the globe, your event. The stream can be viewed on the company's platform, downloaded and retransmitted on the air or you can make it public on your website.

IoT and Industrial Solutions

IoT solutions, BigData, Predictive Maintenance, Training applications for the industrial environment in Industry 4.0.

We develop solutions based on proprietary patented technologies for collecting, encrypting, transmitting, storing telemetry data, data analysis modules based on machine learning and deep learning algorithms to optimize production processes and predictive maintenance.