Discount calculation application uses a special mathematical model. The first step is to estimate the margin percentage according to the turnover, following an exponential curve. This calculation is based on the theory of least squares.

On the basis of procedures synchronized with Oracle databases, the system calculates discount thresholds, into colored curves, using historical data for families of products. Then it calculates the historical average margin for each curve per families of products on the basis of parameters calculated by the system, per reference and per client. Several discount types are defined (qualitative discount, partnership discount, etc). Then it calculates and analyzes the coeficientului de aparare a pretului per family of products, reference or client. The last step is to calculate the annual profit.
After the system makes these calculations on the basis of historical data, the sales agent can simulate, in the system, client discounts according to sales within the thresholds pre-set by the system. Discounts are no longer awarded randomly, but according to formulas and historical data.
In order to establish thresholds and calculate discounts, you need to adjust the settings and make data imports in the admin section.