Integrated Monitoring and Registration System with Streaming Web

The system allows local recording, LIVE monitoring and REMOTE recording of surveillance cameras mounted in different geographic locations. The system is modular and expandable, and can easily be expanded to an unlimited number of locations and surveillance cameras. The essential feature is the ability to transmit video at a premium quality using regular internet connections.

NVR streaming and storage web app
- Allows from a management interface to configure all cameras (input of streaming addresses)
- Allow grouping of locations in patrol sequences
- Allow streaming over the Internet for mobile monitoring applications
- Allows configuration of automatic (on-demand) recordings and streaming them through the internet for viewing
- Allows users and users to define their own
- View selected rooms or patrol mode
- View Alarms
- Viewing Videos
- View multiview

Monitoring client-web application
- Allows live view of sequential locations (patrol mode) or on request - Allows viewing configuration and grouping, dimensioning images for each camera - Allows viewing matrix or full screen - Allows you to select calendar records of any location and their view - Allows remote streaming control (start / stop record)
- Allows alarm (motion and tampering) to be automatically activated at alarm time On the screen, the alarming camera and video recordings preceding the event (10 minutes before) appear on the screen

Mobile web app
- Allows user authentication and password authentication - Allows live view of the desired chambers in the location or locations where the user has guaranteed access - Allows on / off records to start / stop - Allows viewing of records

Variations of Internet connections in monitored locations
- Fiber optic - ADSL
- 3G
- 4G
- Satellite (allows internet access 10Mbs download and 4 Mbs upload in any location) Satellite Subscription TooWay 10+ 25GB Traffic

Advantages of the proposed solution
-The solution allows monitoring from anywhere in the surveillance cameras on any device (computer, smartphone, set top box, Smart TV, etc.). -The solution includes a complex reporting system that allows you to generate statistics on the number and type of alarms, tracking records, hardware and software status of the system etc. -Permit remote monitoring of targets in totally isolated areas (mountains, desert, forests) using a dedicated satellite connection.
-The proposed streaming solution allows remote live transmission for remote viewing of images provided by camcorders at high quality SD or HD.
-To distribute live or recorded images at a distance, internet bandwidth, implicitly costs, are much lower compared to similar solutions on the market.
- Allows automatic detection of video alarms (motion detection and tampering) by automatically activating the live stream in the monitoring interface and viewing pre-recorded images of the event (10 minutes before the event) -For optimized image compression algorithms, the solution allows you to store a large amount of information on hard disks using smaller storage space without affecting image clarity.