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CRM (Client Relationship Management) is an application used by companies to manage information on its customers and to interact with them. It has several components and functionalities, the most important being:
The Business Intelligence (BI) component is a mechanism which helps companies identify the right partners and their needs, as well as the characteristics and dynamics of the market. This implies the use of informational flows run through the CRM application, with the purpose of designing sound strategies and tactics meant to improve business.

The Document Management instrument increases the efficiency of client communication by creating an easily accessible database which comprises all the information relating to a specific client. For example, presume you wish to contact a potential client who has had previous contact with your company. By accessing the database, you can view the complete history of the respective client’s relationship with your company, as well as detailed information about them.
In order to ensure the success of a marketing campaign, the team can access this database to collect information on the current market, trends, target audience, etc.

- Sales Force Automation Module (SFA) - Until the conclusion of the contract, the sales representative maintains a permanent contact with the potential customer and obtains a series of information about him, vital for the company in establishing strategies and forecasts. A priority for any company should be the collection of this information and its use in the development of the sales activity. One of the methods of sales optimization is their automation, by implementing a CRM application with sales force automation functionalities.

The ERP application may include, aside from Customer Relation Management CRM and BI component, other modules meant to increase the performance of a business, namely:
- Production: planning and monitoring production or distribution
- Human resource management
- Inventory: control of stock, suppliers, payments and incomings.
- Salaries: salary calculation and management of data regarding personnel.
- Acounting : Financial and Accountings records
- Assets: fixed assets records and amortization calculation
The ERP application is without a doubt a good investment, since it ensures a smooth flow a work processes, an overall image of the company’s performance, an efficient management of clients, producers or distributors, it provides effective reporting and statistics instruments and an automation which will increase productivity or sales.

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