Customized corporate application designed according to ISO procedures which define the workflows of departments and the relationship between them. The modules are designed for multiple user levels. The administrator can grant user rights for various sectors.
The application includes the following departments: HR, navy equipment, marketing, contracts, maintenance, acquisitions, quality and safety.
The system posts warnings for certificate expire dates on the main page:

The Vessel Equipment Module allows the daily monitoring through position reports, the status of assets and inventory items on each ship, weather reports, crew lists, and contracts.
The Human Resources Module collects information on the staff in each department, starting with the initial job offer, termination of contract, electronic approval following interview and offer, starting with the operations manager, human resources manager, commercial director and electronic signature of the CEO, tracking the employee on various criteria: activity, experience gained, training, results on classes and training, medical certificate status, residency papers, etc. On the basis of all information available, the system generates a resume for each candidate and carries out a staff rotation through electronic planification.
Inside the Maintainence Module, the system signals, in red, the vessel expired certificates and in orange those who are one week away from expiration. In this module, are available maintenance reports, stock requests, technical harbor inspection schedules, protection equipment state, technical data, etc.

The marketing module comprises contract status, price offers, and job reports, overview of existing contracts, marketing, reports, and client database.
The Procurement Module allows you to fill out an online request form, place an acquisition order and arrange deliveries for each vessel, view the status of inventory items and list of suppliers.

The app contains a library of technical documents and books available to users in security work and quality audits, environmental issues, risk register, etc.