Project Management Tool

Application for project management that can track and manage team assignments within projects and monitor their deployment, accomplishment of tasks and achievement of set goals. It is also a useful tool for team members to coordinate and carry out their actions as well as a team communication tool. The application sends messages between the members assigned to the project, either email alerts or tickets opened between the departments by the users.
The software also includes a videoconferencing module for communication between the company's subsidiaries or between the company and the outside project partners.

Within a project, the project manager can define tasks, tasks and deliverables (milestones), designate team members to whom they can assign different tasks. Project users can attach all relevant project documents, notes, files, initiate project-related discussions, and view the project milestones. The Gantt chart and project-related reports are also available.
The application also contains a library of documents arranged on sections for all logged users as well as a book of documents of the logged user.