CRM, ERP Software, Corporate Applications, e-Learning

CRM, ERP Software, Corporate Applications, e-Learning

E-business application development, integration of corporate applications with web portals

The applications are suitable to both small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations. No matter the size of the company, we provide real support in the way they run daily activities. Our e-business solutions are integrated with web portals; they communicate with mysql and oracle databases, are tailored to the company’s profile and obey the internal procedures, ISO or the current technological flows.
We develop these solutions according to the client’s specifications, following a thorough analysis, together with the client, of internal processes. Therefore, following a detailed discussion of the requirements, we draft a proposal, including cost, delivery date and resources, we sign the contract and we proceed to develop the software to the date specified in the respective contract. After delivering and installing the software, we go on to the next stage, of testing and solving errors which might occur during this stage.
Video Graphics, Film

Video Production

Videos, Presentation clips, Advertising videos, TV graphic packages

ImproMedia is an audio-video production and visual identity studio. With regard to TV and corporate, we produce the whole range of films, starting with rebranding, graphic identity packages for shows, opening titles, documentaries, company and product presentation videos, various video edits with 3D graphic inserts. ImproMedia produces videos for artists and promotes them on its own portals, company advertising videos, various magazine features and campaigns.
3D Graphics, Motion Design

3D Graphics

Motion Graphics and 3D Modelling

Our team produces 3D animations, starting with architecture concepts and graphic layouts for dynamic patent presentations, to animated advertising videos and graphic tutorials or other productions which can be modeled.
Streaming, Webinar

Streaming, Webinar Solutions

Live streaming solutions, Webinar, online TV solutions, Video surveillance systems

ImproMedia has launched the first professional live streaming service at your fingertips! - is the easiest way to broadcast LIVE, in real time, around the world, using your iPhone or iPad.
Using 3G, 4G (WI-MAX) or a Wi-Fi connection, you can broadcast live from the event you are attending. The streaming can be picked up by TV stations and broadcast on air or you can make it available on your website.
The live transmission is recorded onto our servers.
Webdesign, Websites


Intranet applications, Websites company presentation, Product presentation sites, Portals, Community sites

On the basis of a visual identity project, Impro Media designs various types of websites: presentation websites, product promotion websites, virtual shops, video/photo sharing websites, dating websites, educational websites, community websites, web portals, websites for travel agencies, newspapers, online magazines as well as complex intranet online applications.
Each website has content management CMS modules, which allows control over website layout and content with minimum effort, multiple users with various administrative rights. Every website is designed following a discussion with the client, a sound analysis, drafting of the proposal, development and promotion.