LIVE Streaming

ImproMedia offers dedicated streaming services, using its own servers and proprietary streaming platforms. The platform is the easiest way to broadcast LIVE, in real time, all over the world your event. The stream can be viewed in a personalized page on the platform, it can be included in its own website or on social platforms. The broadcast of the event is recorded on our servers, so you will be able to download a copy of the recording. ImproMedia offers live streaming services using professional full-HD camcorders, video mixers, audio, microphones and wireless washbasins, and can be integrated on demand with video graphics.

The platform includes:
-registering the guests at the event through the registration and confirmation form by email, in case of a private stream
-real-time monitoring of users through traffic reports
-taking over the presentations from the projection screens
-sharing Power Point presentations, videos or other media content during the presentation
-border inserts with texts and graphic signs
-customized diplomas for participants (on request)
-custom page for public or private streaming
-interaction with the audience through chat system, Q&A sessions, voting system
-video conferencing mode
-archiving the event and the possibility of subsequent viewing on the proprietary servers, in on demand mode
-software interface for webinar administration, participant validation, user monitoring through traffic reports, survey administration or voting system.