With the help of WEBINAR -, you can always design your own presentations, product and service launches, courses, online trainings, reaching an indefinite number of users.
The service is provided on a monthly payment plan and includes the following:
  • audio-video live streaming
  • selecting and running of slides simultaneous with the video streaming
  • online voting option, which presenter can activate in the interface
  • the option to insert video materials from the internet or other sources during the presentation
  • image and document sharing
  • online chat
  • audio recording of logged user questions, thus avoiding interruptions. The presenter will be able to initiate a Q&A session, by answering the recorded questions or the ones selected from the chat.
  • automatic recording of the event and downloading upon completion

  • Livestreaming

    LIVE Streaming

    ImproMedia has launched the first professional live streaming service at your fingertips! - - is the easiest way to broadcast LIVE, in real time, around the world, using your iPhone or iPad. Using 3G, 4G (WI-MAX) or a Wi-Fi connection, you can broadcast live from the event you are attending. The streaming can be picked up by TV stations and broadcast in eter or you can make it available on your website. The live transmission is recorded onto our servers.

    The streaming can be picked up by TV stations or you can make it available on your website.
    The live transmission is recorded onto our servers.
    Your footage is available for download for 48 hours. You have the option to upload it to your website or YouTube. Impro-Media provides consultancy services for streaming, live, on demand, unicast, multicast, P2P.
    On request, ImproMedia provides professional broadcast of LIVE events, using full-HD professional cameras, video mixers, audio, mics and wireless radio mics, with the possibility of video graphic integration. The costs depend on the type of event.

    televiziune online

    OnLine TV Solution

    Online TV streaming solution dedicated to local TV stations includes:

    - live page
    - pre-recorded shows page
    - several other pages (ads, team, contact, partners etc)
    - automatic recording onto server (select show, start / stop recording)
    The footage are automatically loaded into the pre-recorded show’s page

    Local streaming equipment
    - analog hardware Minicaster encoder /Composite
    - computer + streaming application+ Decklink Intensity Pro capture card

    Dedicated server
    - 500 GB storage space 500 MB/sec guaranteed band
    - 1TB storage space 1GB/sec guaranteed band
    - 4 TB storage space 5GB/sec guaranteed band

    See an exemple here:


    Satellite HD Live broadcast digital solution

    The system allows live streaming from any location in Europe, North Africa and Middle East of live video signals, in full HD quality, using cutting edge technologies in live streaming.

    The camera signal is encoded in real time in a H264 format and sent wirelessly by the hardware encoder on the camera to the router. From there, via a dedicated satellite connection, it reaches the streaming servers. From the server hosted in a cutting edge datacenter, it can be accessed from any hardware or software platform that allows viewing through RTSP, RTMP and HTTP protocols.

    A hardware or software decoder in the gallery allows the live streaming to be played in real time and the video signal to be transmitted to the gallery. Live transmissions are automatically stored on the stream server and they can be downloaded and converted into any format for later use. The system allows the automatic, simultaneous transmission of the stream to a large number of users. It is very useful for webcasts (live transmission of events on the internet). We start by discussing the concept with the client, we provide the necessary consultancy services, we evaluate the options and the costs, then we move on to development and promotion. More