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Do you want to work from home? Or maybe you want to bring together your multinational team to discuss various projects? We have the solution!
Virtual office for your company! What does the virtual office offer you? The virtual space includes all the tools of a business center and all the interactive features of a meeting room in real life. You can join colleagues from any location, share your progress, supervise statuses with any number of teams, or, why not, you can all gather for brainstorming!
You can have the space you want for the meeting with the clients. You can present your portfolio or make more captivating demonstrations than in the real world!
Or, you can organize interviews, regardless of time and distance, by logging in with your avatar. The tools included in the platform allow a total immersion in the work environment, so that teams or customers will interact deeply with your products or services:

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Other Virtual Reality Applications

VR Conferences

Virtual collaboration allows for fast meeting, regardless of the location of guests from around the world, for conferences, scientific presentations, corporate presentations, or other types of meetings. The presentation tools on the VR platform allow the presenter to present his speech with great ease in front of the audience, in an immersive classroom, accessing a console for presenting slides and video movies through a synchronized video player, or teleprompter to support the presentation. The conference also has a simultaneous translation system in an unlimited number of languages, depending on the logged in users, text chat for answering audience questions and a three-dimensional audio system for communication. Participating members can share their contacts through a "virtual handshake". Presenting at a conference has never been so easy!

Exhibitions and fairs in VR

From now on, you can organize an exhibition or even participate in a themed fair in the virtual world! Exhibition stands, interactive presentations of products or services, conversations at the stand with exhibitors, collection of information materials provided by them, viewing video presentations on billboards - everything is possible, without travel and accommodation costs, without limitations time, using virtual reality technology. Tools included: multimedia VR presentation systems, real-time feedback from the audience through questionnaires, import of 3D models for product presentations, synchronized viewing on presentation panels, taking photos and distributing them on social media channels, audio-video recording , livestream on Facebook, the creation of personalized exhibition stands with the company logo and the particular brand elements.

VR Team Building

Have you ever imagined that team-building can be more attractive and happen more frequently in the virtual world? Those who have experience of virtual games can even be surprised! You can meet your team for a themed event, a personalized game or, why not, a talent show. You can attend a rock concert or dance in a club with confetti and famous DJs. You will instantly photograph the event or send selfies to friends around the world to present the chosen event or appearance at the party. Team-building with the multinational team? Yes it's possible! Make friends around the world in an interactive and enjoyable way! Tools included: custom corporate spaces, live webcam streaming, synchronized view on virtual panels, simultaneous audio translation, opinion polls, audio communication, custom avatars, multimedia presentation systems.

VR Training

Yes, yes, VR training! You learn processes, you understand systems, you adapt first, in the virtual environment! Then, after you have completed your technique, you will repeat in the real environment. The virtual environment is the simulator you need, until you have learned and understood everything. Here you can make mistakes without repercussions as in the real world. Whether you work in the technical field and have to practice certain operations on a machine, or you have to train in another field and you need a deeper visualization of the processes, the virtual world is the solution! This module addresses both the academic and the corporate environment.

Smart factory

The smart factory is the factory of industry 4.0 in which its components are smart, connected to the internet and also to the virtual space. The real factory and its processes can be mapped to the virtual world, so you can view its areas, monitor equipment or processes, view real-time data transmitted by machines, perform collaborative consulting or remote maintenance with team members. You will access technical libraries, perform trainings or team meetings very easily, you will view stocks or interface different ERP applications directly in the VR environment. BigData telemetry analyzes, predictions through machine learning or deep learning can be performed and viewed directly in the virtual space, collaboratively.


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