Visual Identity Manual, dynamic pages, CMS

On the basis of a visual identity project, Impro Media designs various types of websites: presentation websites, product promotion websites, virtual shops, video/photo sharing websites, dating websites, educational websites, community websites, web portals, websites for travel agencies, newspapers, online magazines as well as complex intranet online applications.
Each website has content management CMS modules, which allows control over website layout and content with minimum effort, multiple users with various administrative rights. Every website is designed following a discussion with the client, a sound analysis, drafting of the proposal, development and promotion.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimization of a virtual shop for search engines plays an important role, since it allows you to direct clients interested in your products to your website. You need to create a marketing, optimization and promotion strategy.
A SEO campaign involves: analyzing key words, choosing the right title and meta-tags, CSS and HTML validation, link checking, link-building campaign, listing the website in online shop directories.

Maintenance and administration

We provide maintenance for the proper running of the shop and improvement with new modules (interconnection with other portals or applications), content changes, new admin modules, banner changes for various promotional periods, integration with social websites.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the ideal solution for highly popular websites, large companies, virtual shops or resellers with a large number of clients. Hosting on a virtual dedicated server (VDS/VPS) is not always enough to offer you the control, configuration, strength and accessibility you need. At this point, you should consider a dedicated server. Renting one from us gives you all the advantages of cutting edge technology that your business needs.
Moreover, a dedicated server allows you to customize software installations, user editing, data backup, plus other facilities, thus offering the certainty that you set it up according to you needs.
Renting a dedicated server from Impro Media , you have 99,9% guaranteed uptime. You can be sure that you have invested in a world class hardware infrastructure. Dedicated servers have a guaranteed minimum internet through SLA of 99.99%.

Data-center is provided with:
Video surveillance system
Alarm and anti-burglary system, smoke detectors
Temperature monitoring system
UPS 5000 VA for each rack
Redundant power supplies and Diesel generators
Redundant connections to international internet
1Gbps peerings with the main ISP in Romania