Procurement and Tender online application

The application is designed for the Procurement and Tender department and is meant to facilitate the tendering process. The application has two access levels. The first is intended for system administrators who handle the acquisition and feeding the data the into the program, using certain procedures of preparing and uploading excel spreadsheets, as well as organizing product categories on multiple levels, each category being represented by a unique parameter system. The second level of access is designed for the tender department.
The system allows for the upload of tenders from different suppliers, in multiple currencies, using several methods, the automatic updating of tenders and products. Each updating procedure analyses new products or possibly inactive products from the supplier.

This program helps reduce procurement and tender expenses, by lowering the time necessary for drafting the stock estimate, searching for the lowest price, negotiating favorable prices by comparison, stock clearance, and gradual acquisition.
The program is a great tool for company management fro a comparative analysis of tenders available on the market, which prompts decisions beneficial for the group.
The material procurement is monitored electronically on the basis of procedures of importing from excel documents (csv), price updating procedures, refining and editing products or cancelation of out of stock products.